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Media: The iPad and journalism on MediaWatch

April 8, 2010

MediaWatch reported on the iPad and its possible impact on the future of journalism.

(Click to watch)

To us, the key moment of the report comes when Frédéric Filloux raises the issues of democracy inherent to all payment schemes (regardless of whether they involve iPads or not).

Around 8:30 minutes into the video:

Frederic Filloux: If you take a 25 years old person right now he or she won’t want to pay for news whatsoever. I mean the idea of having to pay for news for a young person is just stupid. But on the other hand if you take the more senior audience which is going to be more affluent, more older and more educated, this segment of audience will be willing to pay. Unfortunately it will represent a niche market versus the previous bulk market it was 20 years ago… the best informed people will be elderly, affluent, educated people. That’s it.”

Jonathan Holmes: So basically, a sort of class-based news system, is that what you’re saying?”

Frederic Filloux: A total class-based system, yes.

“MediaWatch: Well, you could argue that there’s nothing new in that. Quality news, investigative journalism and the like, has always been aimed at an educated elite. Its future, many hope and believe, lies not in traditional websites, but in applications specially designed for products like the tablet computer.”

You could argue that there’s nothing new in that? Really? The problem with arguing that is that it implies that basing democracy in class is ok. That it is ok to have a democracy is really a facade for class based systems. Why would you argue that?

Also, Check Frédéric Filloux’s site Monday note:

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