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Media: The year of the paywall? Calling out on incomplete reporting

April 24, 2010

Is it 2010 the year of the pay-walls? Is it the year where this great achievement of putting news online for free will be stifled by particular interests? Are we to accept that after so many innovations and remarkable triumphs in human history charging users to access online content is another step in our pursue of evolution? Don’t we believe that the idea of a real democracy means having people informed and therefore, people who are able to make more accurate decisions? And if we do so, is not information rather than a privilege a right?

In this video the defense of the pay-wall, they arguments the use like comparing journalism to movies are only desperate and shaped by the ambition of control and setting the agenda. There is not discussions regarding journalism as a social good, everything is measured in terms of costs and behind that, in terms of profits.

Of course it needs to be funded, but I reckon all media outlets and citizens can come out with a much more beneficial solution that a simple pay-wall. Let’s embrace democracy, let’s keep journalism free. By making voluntary payments we will keep content for free but also, we will recognize the social value of journalism and its significance for our society.

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